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Holiday tips FOR AUTISM: How to help your child with autism have a great holiday season

If you have a child with autism or on the autism spectrum, you already know that changes in his or her schedule can wreak havoc. And nothing says ‘holiday season’ like a ton of extra obligations, late nights, new events, and family chaos. So how can you have a merry holiday season while respecting the…


What does it actually mean to have a strong-willed child?

A strong-willed child is spirited and courageous. Strong-willed kids are known for their daring, their desire to test limits and learn things for themselves, and their deep sense of self. They have big, strong feelings and emotions, and tend to be at full-speed in everything they do. Raising a strong-willed child is challenging. Whether you want…

SPD Halloween tips: How to help your kid with SPD or autism

Sensory issues and trick-or-treating? SPD and unfamiliar costumes? Autism and too much candy and stimulation? Can these things go together (or can we at least survive them unscathed)? Yes! SPD Halloween tips are out there, and we’ve collected some of the best, to help you and your child with SPD or autism have a fun-filled…

What are executive functioning skills?

You may have heard of ‘executive functioning’ at your child’s school, OT office, or psychiatry appointment. It’s kind of a big deal. At the same time, executive functioning is very basic. You use executive functioning skills every day! So, what is it? The executive functions are a set of processes that allow you to manage…

school support help: how parents can support school personnel, teachers, and caregivers

Now that school is underway, it’s time to turn our attention to how we can support those important people who support our kids daily! Supporting our teachers is more important than ever, and school support help is crucial. Here’s what you can do, no matter what age child you have, or what type of school…

How to spot delays of Theory of Mind in kids

Theory of Mind is a term in psychology that assesses an individual’s degree of capacity for empathy and understanding of others. It is a crucial social-cognitive skill that kids need to develop, so delays in theory of mind are worth paying attention to. Theory of mind enables kids to understand that others experience feelings, others…

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Find community with other parents through our Facebook group.

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